Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Q: What is the Relationship between DrawWorks, L.P. and DW Rentals & Service, L.P.?

A: DW Rentals & Service, L.P. is a separate company from DrawWorks, L.P. but are owned by several of the same partners. DrawWorks, L.P. does manufacturing, engineering, and development work for the rental equipment fleet at DW Rentals & Service, L.P.

Q: Who is DW Rentals & Service, L.P.?

A: We are the leaders in rig circulating, fill up, and flow back tool equipment and service.   We send fully-trained operators with our specialized equipment for fill-up, flow back, and circulation tools for drill pipe and casing. Our customers include major operating exploration and production companies worldwide both onshore and offshore.   Our equipment has been used on the largest drill ships and semi-submersible rigs in DEEP WATER, as well as jack-ups, platforms, and spars in the Gulf of Mexico by major oil and gas companies. We have experienced personnel in our service technicians, engineering and management.  We have over 65 years of experience in research and design of “down hole tools” along with a vast knowledge in valve and seal technology.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our facilities are located in Broussard (near Lafayette), Louisiana to service the GOM.  We also manufacture and service from facilities located in Boling, Texas.

Q: What does the DPC™ Drill Pipe Circulating and Flow-Back Tool do?

A: The DPC™ system provides a fast way to circulate or take flow back from Drill Pipe with a pressure tight connection to the work string, tubing or drill pipe at the surface while tripping in or out of the hole. The DPC™ tool mounts to rig bails and is retractable, allowing the top drive to engage the work string when necessary.

Q: What is the DPC™ used for?

A: The DPC™ system with patented articulated arm is designed to be remotely controlled so as to connect to or disconnect from tubing or drill pipe to allow circulating to flow back while running or pulling.  This tool makes flow back and circulating  practical and more effective than a Top Drive connection.  The DPC™ system will allow you to make a pressure-tight connection to your work string in only a few seconds (normally less than 10). The tool has been used to run liners using fill-up float equipment, fill up the work string while running, circulate to condition the hole while tripping in and out of the hole, and pump out of the hole.

Q: How much faster can I circulate by using the DPC as compared to making a top drive connection or using the kelly or a circulating sub?

A: To make a pressure-tight connection with the DPC™ requires as little as 8 to 15 seconds. A Top Drive or circulating sub connection can take 3 to 5 minutes.

Q: What are the rig requirements for using this tool?

A: For most rotary rigs, a bail length of 12 ft is all that is needed. For top drive rigs, 8 feet is required between the bottom of the saver sub and the top of the coupling in the elevators. Rig Requirements:

  • Air supply 33 cfm at 100 psi (6.9 bar 690 kPa)
  • Air connection 1” Crows foot (Or specified connection)
  • Distance between bottom of 8 foot saver sub, or hook and top of tool joint.
  • Hose Connection:
1”- 2” 1502 Union 2”- 2” 1502 Union

Q: What is the pressure rating of the DPC™?

A: In all cases the pressure rating is dependent on the hoses pressure ratings most units are 6,000psi but the high pressure version is 10,000psi.

Q: How long does it take to rig up the DPC™ System?

A: It takes approximately 45 minutes for the DPC™ Tool to be rigged up on the bails and approximately 45 minutes to hang the hoses in the derrick.  This is the average times these will vary depending on crews, weather, and rig configuration.

Q: How much rig time can be saved using the DPC™ System?

A: The DPC™ System has the ability to make a faster drill pipe connection than a top drive or rotary rigs; it will save significant trip-in and trip-out time.  Conservative estimates at 3.5 minutes saved for every connection (between a top-drive and the DPC™), saves up to an hour for every 17 connections.  That means you will save 1 Hour for every 500' trip on singles or 1500' trip with triple stands. *(Please see DPC™ cost comparison sheet for calculating time savings for your application.)

Q: What is the circulation rate for the DPC™ System?

A: The DPC™ can circulate at 7BPM @6000psi with the 2” Hose or 2 BPM with 1” 10,000 PSI.

Q: What is the HPFAC™ Tool?

A: The High Pressure Fill-Up and Circulating Tool or HPFAC™ is a casing fill-up, flow-back, and circulation tool that will provide positive shut-off of the inside of a casing string.  A hydraulic device operated manually or auto-set at any time during casing running operations and run in conjunction with Top Drive System and the IBOP.

Q: How does the HPFAC™ work?

A: The HPFAC™ Tool fits within the elevator without having to change the bails and without having a man in the derrick - STABBERLESS.  No action is required by any personnel during fill up and flow-back. In the operating mode the HPFAC™ is similar to that of normal casing fill-up and circulating equipment. The HPFAC™ Tool can be activated at a control panel located on the rig floor or remotely by the driller to cause slips to grip the interior of the casing and to compress a packer style element to seal between the casing and the HPFAC™ Tool. In addition to the activation done by an operator or driller, should the casing pressure rise above a pre-set limit (determined by the operator) the HPFAC™ Tool will set automatically without human intervention.  This feature due to the slip arrangement of the HPFAC™ Tool are gripping the interior of the casing, thus any hydraulic forces caused by casing pressure will not load the top drive or hook.

Q: What is the WODPC™ Tool?

A: The WODPC™ System is designed to quickly connect or disconnect from tubing or drill pipe tool joints while running or pulling pipe. This tool makes it practical and saves time in Circulating, Fill-Up, Flow-Back and Expanding casing or liners.  The unit is remotely controlled from the rig floor or other position next to the WorkOver rig. The WODPC™ is mounted on one bail and is connected to the mud system and pneumatic control panel

Q: What is the difference in the DPC™ and the WODPC™ Tools?

A: The DPC™ is used on top drive rigs to save time in circulating, fill-up or flow back. It articulates out of the way with a patented system but allows you to make a top drive connection should one be required as in a well control issue. It can also be used on Kelly type rigs for fast circulation needs and expandable products. The WODPC™ is smaller and does not articulate but moves up and down to make the connection.  This gives the smaller workover rigs the ability to circulate faster and more effectively.  It is also used in expandable products making it faster and safer to set and expand liners and casing.