CK-Series Mudsaver Valve

The CK-Series Valve is designed to reduce or eliminate the undesirable loss of fluid when making a connection with a top drive or convetional hook rig.

The CK-Series™ Mudsaver Valve opens automatically when the mud flow is started and closes immediately when the pumps are shut off, trapping the drilling fluid inside the Kelly or top drive. This makes the drill-string trips drier, faster, and safer. Plus you will save on mud costs and environmental expenses. Increased safety leads to higher productivity.

On a typical 40 foot Kelly, the CK-Series™ Valve can save up to 21 gallons (1-2 barrel) of drilling fluid per connection. At today's cost of about $100 per barrel for oil based mud, this translates into a savings of $50 for each connection made.  On a well drilling 2000' per day, the savings will be approximately $3,300. No wrenches are needed to drop down-hole, and there is no unnecessary wear on safety valves from using them to stop the mud flow.

Features & Benefits: