The Drill Pipe Circulating (DPC™) system is a GREAT TOOL for RIG Operators looking to decrease costs by saving hours of connection time while tripping in/out drill pipe or expanding casing. A Patented Tool Designed for Ease in Drill Pipe Circulating, Fill-up, Flow Back, and Expanding Liners or Casing.

The Drill Pipe Circulating (DPC™) System has the ability to make a faster drill pipe connection than a top drive or rotary rigs; it will save significant trip-in and trip-out time.  We conservatively estimate that 3.5 minutes are saved for connection (between a top-drive and the DPC™), saves up to an hour for every 17 connections.  That means you will save 1 Hour for every 500' trip on singles or 1500' trip with triple stands. (Please see DPC™ cost comparison sheet for calculating time savings for your application.)  This system is used in deep water wells, where extensive  circulating and tripping is inevitable. The DPC™ System has an articulating arm that will articulate over the drill pipe and screw in a drill pipe circulating sub (DPC™ Air Motor), , 90+ feet in the air within seconds of the rig crew making their connection on the rig floor, allowing you to circulate in or out of a well, without having to take the extra time to make a Top-Drive or Kelly connection.

Circulate running in or out of the hole without making a Top Drive or  Kelly connection, saving time and saving money.

The DPC™ system mounts to the rig bails on either side of the derrick, giving it the ability to be used on most rigs. The DPC™ unit is designed to allow a quick pressure tight connection to be made to the  work string, while running or pulling the pipe. The tool consists of a frame, which is mounted to one of the bails, a tool which will screw into the tool joint of the pipe being run, a hose for connecting to the mud system, and a hose for connecting to a remote control panel on the rig floor.  The frame, which supports the Screw-In type DPC™, places the DPC™ into sealing contact with the work string or places the DPC™ out of the way and behind the bail to which the unit is mounted. The DPC™ has high-pressure ratings 6,000 psi for most applications and 10,000 psi with a change in hose configuration.  It has been and can be used in flow back situations when running liners in tight holes or when using convertible or open-ended float equipment, while trying to reduce surge pressure. It has a proven track record and an excellent tool for expanding casing, lowering expansion time for quick setting cements.

The DPC™ system with patented articulated arm is designed to be remotely controlled so as to connect to or disconnect from tubing or drill pipe to allow circulating to flow back while running or pulling.  This tool makes flow back and circulating practical. The DPC™ tool is connected to the rig mud system and a pneumatic control panel.    The rig mud system is used to circulate fluid.   The fluid can be diverted to the trip tank to allow monitoring of returned fluid when taking returns through the tubing or drill pipe to prevent surging of the well.

The DPC™ system places the threaded connector sub over the  tubing or drill pipe that is supported by the elevators; then it torques the threaded connector sub into a sealing and connected position with the pipe.  The remote control panel is used to actuate the articulated arm and activate the threaded connector sub via air motor.  Once connected and sealed,  fluid can be circulated through the pipe or fluid, which can then be taken from the pipe in order to reduce the surge pressure on a formation.

The DPC™ system is particularly adapted to be used when running a liner on drill pipe where fill-up float equipment is  run on the liner to prevent surging the formation. It also circulates to condition the mud system, while tripping in or out of the hole. This provides a method of pumping out of the hole when the formation pressure and mud system are in critical balance.  It is also an excellent tool for running expandable tubular systems.

Features & Benefits:



  1. Simple and minimal rig up time
  2. Quick and reliable make-up
  3. High pressure rated – Internal connection seal
  4. No top drive connection required when managing returns
  5. Bail mounted system – Left or right bail
  6. DPC™ can be racked back “out of the way” on Top Drive Rigs