DPC™ Animation

DW Rentals & Services provides the DPC™ (Drill Pipe Circulator) fill-up, flow back and circulation equipment for drill pipe and the personnel to run the equipment.
The DPC™ is used to:

•Running Liners
•Take flow back to prevent or reduce surge pressure below the liner
•Circulate through a tight spot
•Circulate bottoms up
•Expand liner
•Pump out of the hole
The DPC™ is designed to simplify the making a pressure tight drill pipe connection. The DPC™ is mounted on one of the bails and connected to the rig mud system using a hose hung off in the derrick. The drill pipe sub can be raised remotely and stowed out of the way so that the drill pipe can be run or pulled as usual using a top drive or elevators. When a connection is required the DPC is lowered and made up to the drill pipe remotely in only 10 to 20 seconds depending on air supply. Once made up the connection is pressure tight to a nominal rating of 10,000 psi.

A complete make and break cycle for a pressure tight connection takes only 20 to 40 seconds and can be done anywhere in the derrick from the rig floor to the top of the derrick.